Freitag, 23. November 2007

Als Geburtstags Geschenk für den Doc geripped, und jetzt für alle:

Count Bernadino - Calypso Bacchanal

Die Liner Notes:
The difference between a Calypso singer and a Calypsonian is the difference between Count Bernadino and all the others you have heard. A Calyosonian, while singing and accompanying himself on the guitar will make up lyrics as he goes along, usually to fit the occasion or the mood, and never lose a beat. All of this comes out as if he had been doing it for years, but in truth these lyrics are fresh, new and bright because they were just invented, and both you and the Count are hearing them for the first time. This is the element of surprise which has been delighting audiences at the famed british colonial hotel in Nassau for the past year and a half.
The Count and his group which includes:
John Clark, piano; Little Sparrow, steel pans; Fred Callander, bass; Eddie White, tenor sax and flute; Charles Emlok, alto sax; Lord Lynn, tenor sax; Rudy Pinder, drums and Roy Shurland on maracas introduced Calypso to the Jamaican Room in New York City and later did an extended engagement at the Palladium there. They have recently been at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach and at almost every important club and resort in the U.S including Coney Island. Wherever they have performed audiences have recognized theirs as the "real Calypso." Listen now as they do such famous Calypsos as Red Shoes, Water She Garden, Time Marches On and other favorites. Presenting Count Bernadino, a real, live, Born in the Bahamas, genuine Calypsonian.
Carribean Folk Music, Ltd.
Nassau, Bahamas, 1962

Die Tracklist:
A Seite:
1 Come On
2 Love Alone
3 Convoy
4 Mable
5 Sha Bop
6 Go Down To Bimini
B Seite:
1 Red Shoes
2 Time Marches On
3 Back To Back
4 Chinese Basebal
5 Water She Garden
6 Mama, Lay, Lay, Lay


DJErnesto hat gesagt…

Wilkommen Cpt. Ich bin begeistert und harre geifernd neuer Beiträge ...

doc patcheko hat gesagt…

Super Sach, Hias.

Bloß, wenn du dir schon die Mühe machst, dann mach halt gleich gescheite mp3s. Die Platte gibts ja faktisch nicht mehr, da dürfens dann gerne min. 192 Kbps sein.

Wobeis jetzt bei der Aufnahmequalität nicht groß ins Gewicht fällt. Tolle Platte.

cpt. blasmusik hat gesagt…

was hör ich da doc? ist dir die aufnahmequalität zu schlecht? auf deiner cd sind direkt gebrannte waves. caribbean waves!

doc patcheko hat gesagt…

Ja, ich bin wohl geburtstagsmäßig privilegiert....

habs auf arbeit trotzdem runtergelden.